Dalia Bathory

Dalia Bathory is a political scientist holding a PhD in International Relations and European Studies. She is a social memory scholar dealing with post-socialist issues of history and memory in Central and Eastern Europe, and also a researcher of the socialist regimes in the Eastern bloc, with a focus on Romania and Hungary. Her latest research projects concern the representations of historical figures in present-day cultural products of new media and mass consumption. Her most recent publication, “Pop Memory. Clickbait and the Lives of the former Romanian Dictators Nicolae and Elena Ceaușescu, 30 Years After”, appeared in History of Communism in Europe 10 (2019).

As part of MEDEP, Dalia will explore the technologies of communication used by the Romanian socialist governments during the 20th century to inform, educate and prevent epidemics, as well as intervene during major outbreaks. She will investigate the archives of relevant institutions, and dive into periodicals and other types of printed press in order to understand the regime’s narratives and channels of communication.